Kalbeliya dancers - A Joyful celebration

Kalbeliya dancers - A Joyful celebration

Kalbeliya dancers are a bundle of joy , enthusiasm and energy. Their vibrance and love for the dance is overwhelming! I am sure many of us are not aware of the fact that Kalbeliya is also the name of their tribe. Kalbeliya tribe , largely found in chittor and udaipur lead a nomadic life. They were earlier known for their snake charming skills. They used to sell sanake venom and herbal medicines for earning their livelihood. 

After the ban on usage of snake venom, Kalbeliyas have suffered major setback. They are now known for their beautiful dance form and their knowledge of herbal medicine. 

Kalbeliya dancers are seen wearing a black and red dress. The topper is fondly called angrakhi , the dupatta is called odhani and the skirt is called the lehenga. Males of the tribe are seen playing authentic musical instruments such as pungi , morchari and khanjari. The tunes are slower in the beginning and slowly and steadily they increase. The dance takes place in a beautiful manner and often leaves the audience spellbound. 

Wishing you could see the kalbeliya dancer in action ..huh? We are waiting to welcome you in Rajasthan.. In the meanwhile...do find the similar jewelry available with us!


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