Bangles : Multicolored circles of happiness

Bangles : Multicolored circles of happiness

The glittering soils of Rajasthan are embedded with the talent of its artisans. Rajasthan as a state is famous for its omnipresent and versatile arts and crafts which reflect the essence of the state.

We at Rajasthani Rangrez were impressed with the pride and the rich heritage background of many artisans. Even if they are not economically affluent , the way their eyes light up when they talk about their profession and art is truly remarkable. It was a delight to know them.

Bangles are as essential in the ethnic wardrobe of a women as butter is to bread. Girls also crave for new and latest styled kadas, handcuffs , bracelets and bangles.

The selection of Rajathani bangles ranges from lac , ivory , metal , plastic  , cloth, seep to the evergreen glass. They also range from simple elegant everyday wear metal bangles to beautifully embellished stone kadas and choodas.

We decided to bring to you the best of both worlds. We have introduced some elegant everyday light wear bangles for your college/office and some beautifully crafted wedding bangles to fulfill your festive needs.Both of the kinds are handcrafted and handpicked , only for you.

Do buy them and tell us how you like them. We are waiting to hear from you.

Until next time Folks!!


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