Our Colourful Story

Our Colourful Story

Let me tell you a story of how originally Rajasthani Rangrez was born. Aditi , our owner , is born and brought up in Jaipur - The marvel city . She could witness the craze and love that surrounded Rajasthani clothing and jewellery since forever . Its a craze which knows no bounds - economic , social or geographical . Everyone is in love with bandhani , Leheriya and Gota Patti which are as priceless and timeless as the beautiful history this culturally rich city holds.

After finishing her MBA , she tried to fit in a lot of corporate jobs , but those were not meant for her . She could not find her right fit. So, Rajasthani Rangrez came to rescue as a hobby she started in 2015. Later , it blossomed into a fully grown venture .

Rajasthani Rangrez has gracefully absorbed the shocks of Covid, lack of supplies , lack of artisans , increased competition and duplicacy. Still standing tall , due to our quality and love for the art. Nobody sends more love wrapped in parcels than we do . Hence , we will continue to write our stories and color them with artisans.

Give us a chance to bring a smile to your face as we send a smile wrapped in parcel for you from our majestic state and the pink city !


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