The dance of puppets

The dance of puppets

Puppetry ...one of the most enchanting form of story telling has been losing its importance in the modern and tech savvy world of today. We have absolutely lost the art of imagination and enthusiasm. We are not able to appreciate the enthusiasm and happiness in the voice and gestures of puppeteers as they make these threaded dolls dance to their tunes. 

We really should take out some time in our lives to see how beautifully these artists tell the stories of the foregone era. Remember puppets of the film Paheli? Well.. That was just a glimpse. The artists of rajasthan have absolute command over their hands and movements and know how to hold their audience captive. The multicolored puppets and their smiling faces with twinkles in their eyes are an absolute fascination for the tourists. 

We hope you buy a pair and tell many fascinating and animating stories to your children!

See you later :)


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