Silver - All that shimmers is not silver :)

Silver - All that shimmers is not silver :)

We all have heard the popular saying " All that glitters is not gold" . I would like to introduce a new term called " All that shimmers is not silver" Interesting..Isnt it? We all absolutely love silver. Be it jewelry , purses or vessels, its a never ending craze. One of the most precious metals and also known as a bullion metal , It is used for many purposes. 

Sterling silver , A very popular term used in Silver jewelry , stands for an alloy of 92.5% percent silver and copper. It is used to make the very popular Rajasthani Silver jewelry. Silver has a very low melting point hence a little copper is necessary to give it shape.  Sterling silver jewelry is often plated with a thin coat of .999 fine silver to give the item a shiny finish. This process is called "flashing".

The silver jewelry of Rajasthan is immensely popular in the world due to its beautiful design, its unique craftsmanship and its artistic designs. Be it pure silver , german silver or meenakari with silver , the demand for the products are quite high. The beauty and grace they bring are its Unique selling preposition and the main reasons behind it popularity. 

German silver comprises of 60% white copper , 20% zinc and 20% lead. It provides a beautiful rustic look to the jewelry pieces and it does not tarnish. The price  is also quite reasonable and affordable.

We at Rajasthani Rangrez have brought to you unique handpicked pieces of different kinds like sterling silver, meenakari and german silver. Do let us know which ones are your favorite. 

Until we meet again..keep smiling and happy shopping!


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