Gorgeous Gota Patti

Gorgeous Gota Patti

Gorgeous Gota Patti - A beautiful Art Form

Gota work or more commonly called gota patti is an art form which originated in Rajasthan. Gota patti embroidery uses a unique technique and craftsmanship. A zai ribbon is used with its edges sewn downwards in different pattern. The result is absolutely gorgeous. It can be used to form many types of art work. It is very popular in south asia.

Gota is a satin lace in striking golden and silver color usually from Lucknow.For creating artistic patterns, Ribbons of various colors and lengths are used. The most commonly used cloth is georgette and cotton. The lace is tied at edges to create flowers or petals. It involves placing woven gold cloth onto fabrics such as georgette or bandhini to create different surface textures and pretty embroidery.

Authentic gota patti of rajasthan was made from real gold and silver metals but were eventually replaced by copper coated with silver as the genuine way of making it was very expensive. It was also not affordable by the masses. Hence as the demand rose, alternatives were discovered.Nowadays there are even more inexpensive options available such as plastic gota.

The procedure is quite lengthy and time consuming. In initial stages, stencils are used to trace the design on fabric.To do so, paste of chalk powder is used. Now, as per the design, the gota or satin ribbon is cut and folded in various forms and patterns. Finally , it is woven into the cloth by hemming and back stitching.

The most attractive and eye catchy is the motif used in design.The motifs are usually inspired by nature and can be a replica of flowers, leaves and birds or animals such as peacocks, parrots and elephants.

In Rajasthan, Gotta patti is highly popular for occasions such as marriages , festivals and rituals.

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