Block prints - An underrated art

Block prints - An underrated art

The precise and beautiful art of block Printing uses tiny and nicely carved wooden or metal blocks to imprint designs and patterns on different fabrics, usually by hand. Block Printing is a highly unique art form because the skilled artist creates many blocks before printing the pattern on fabric. It is carved on the block by hands and it requires patience and precision. Usually vegetable dyes, mineral, and non-toxic dyes are used. The fabric is designed by first dipping the carved block in the desired colour. Hence, the work does not take place in monsoons.


In Rajasthan particularly birds, animals, human figures, gods and goddesses are popular. Digital block printing has also made abstract art form possible. However , the demand of hand block print is usually very high as compared to digital block prints. Different types of block prints are available from different states of Rajasthan. For example , Bagru is a form of block print where colors used are cream , brown and yellow. On the other hand, Sanganeri block prints are beautifully colored.


Sanganer is famous for its Calico prints where an outline is drawn first and colours are filled in later. Besides suit pieces , some common high demand items include sarees , bedsheets , blankets and other upholstery items.


We have handpicked some beautiful suit pieces from block printing exclusively for you.  We hope you would like them!!


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