Bandhani Art - A Rajasthani legacy

Bandhani Art - A Rajasthani legacy

The enchanting art form called Bandhani is an astonishing skill. The technique includes dyeing a fabric tied tightly with a thread at many points, thus producing a variety of beautiful patterns. The patterns are basically produced in the manner in which cloth is tied. Precision and patience, both are required for the same. The primary colors used in Bandhani are yellow, red, blue, green and black. The most popular ones are red and white which give a unique and beautiful appeal to the pattern. Over the years, numerous colors and many patterns have evolved in this traditional art form. Nowadays, even digital prints are quite popular.

The colors used in Bandhani can be both natural and artificial. Mostly, dark colors are used as the pattern looks better with dark and vibrant colors in the background. In the early days dyes were extracted from roots, flowers, leaves, and berries.

Bandhani is a very popular art form of Gujarat. However , Rajasthan also produces fine quality of bandhej. Places in Rajasthan like Jaipur, Sikar, Bhilwara, Udaipur, Bikaner, Ajmer, and Jamnagar in Gurjarat are the well known centres producing odhnis(Dupattas), sarees and turbans in Bandhani. Different communities in Rajasthan have for ages followed the tradition of tying turbans with different patterns of bandhani on their heads. These were used to identify which community the person belonged to. The safas or turbans look beautiful in orange, red or multicolored patterns.

 Each color used conveys a specific meaning in Bandhej. If red is worn , It signifies a newly married Bride. It was believed that wearing a Bandhani saree can bring good future to a bride. Also, if yellow is worn it depicts a newly blessed mother.

Bandhani is being sold all over India and the demand has increased over the past few decades. Sales go up during the festive and wedding seasons in India. Majority of the market is domestic. If talking in terms of International demand, Safas and turbans of various kinds are more popular.

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